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HAYLO Wedding Planner at The Spokane Club checking out the morning after a wedding. Returning vases, linens, candles, decor and even a dress steamer.


After the After-Party – When you really need your Wedding Planner

You survived months of planning, hosted all your loved ones and friends and Got Married! It was the best day yet and you are looking forward to some time alone and starting your life together.

But wait….
Don’t forget to return the linens, the tux and flower vases. The mother of bride left her shoes on the dance floor and a bridesmaid can’t find her makeup bag. The venue needs the rented wine barrels picked up by noon and the band didn’t get their check.

Who takes over when the wedding celebration ends?
When you have a professional Wedding Planner – they do! An experienced wedding planner knows that they will work 10-12 hours on your wedding day. We also know that our work continues after walking the last guest out and helping the bride and groom into the getaway car.

Have you planned for someone to take care of these tasks?

Gathering the toasting glasses, cake knife and server and guest book.
Collecting and transporting gifts for the night? (Please do not leave in a car!)
Who is responsible for the money/cash received? Who walks away with it at end of the night? (I always suggest the bride and groom take it with them).
Packing up and storing decor items? Who will take them and when?
Return the rental items? If they are to be picked up is there an extra charge at venue? Do they need to be returned next day or next business day?
Handing out checks and tips?
Cleaning up Bridal ready room and Groomsman room? Where will items left behind go?
Reviewing final bar bill? If alcohol is to leave the venue who will pack it up and who is authorized to take it?
Does venue need to be cleaned night of event? Where are cleaning supplies? Who is responsible to make sure it’s done?

And there is more!

I have also mailed marriage certificates, driven mother of bride’s shoes to her home, delivered left over alcohol and drove bridesmaids back to their cars. My job as your wedding planner doesn’t end when the party does. I know to ask these questions during our planning sessions so that we eliminate confusion, extra fees and the risk of losing valuable items.

You may be tempted to have friends and family take on these responsibilities. That’s fine, but you will want one person to coordinate their efforts. I have never had gifts stolen from a reception but I have had helpful wedding guests put them in their car and we didn’t find out until the next afternoon after many frantic phone calls. I have had a Bride and Groom leave for their honeymoon without the cash and checks they wanted to deposit before they left because a parent took the envelopes with them back to their hotel.

A professional Wedding Planner can help you coordinate the details of your wedding day and make sure that the event goes smoothly. We can also relieve
you of the post-event duties and make sure that everything gets completed and where it needs to go so that you can enjoy being Mr and Mrs!

I include post-event responsibilities in my day-of wedding coordination package. I still have some dates available in August and September! hayloevents.com