Why hire Haylo?
Why should I hire a wedding planner? What can you do that my friends and family can’t do?

HAYLO: With unlimited time and money most brides could plan their dream wedding. But today’s bride is busy and time and money are valuable resources. A professional wedding planner will help direct you in the BEST ways to use your resources. Your friends and family are blessings when planning your wedding, but they can be pulled in different directions and have ideas and opinions that may not always reflect what you want. I have the knowledge and have worked with hundreds of vendors, and can make your day unique to you – not a duplicate of my own or best friend’s wedding. I can make your vision a reality.

Do you have something that you specialize in?

HAYLO: I have worked throughout the hospitality industry for 20 years, and am extremely knowledgeable about designing events and creating the atmosphere you want while staying within your budget.

My favorite part of the wedding is the ceremony – it is at the heart of your day. Over 20 years I have planned and assisted with countless ceremonies, and I want to make sure that your personalities and your vision for the goals of your marriage shine through.

The event venue has a coordinator for us; do we need to hire you?

HAYLO: Most facilities will have an event coordinator. Their role is to monitor the staff and keep the facility safe and clean for your use. I, on the other hand, am just there to be your voice, eyes, and ears in all things – so that you don’t have to organize vendors or make last minute decisions or worry about timelines. We will have already discussed these matters and I will know how you want things handled. YOU are my focus, period.

Will I lose control of my wedding if you are my planner?

HAYLO: Of course not! My whole purpose is to help you articulate and implement what you and your fiancé want on your wedding day. I have ideas and I am well-versed in the traditions and etiquette of weddings but my job (and joy) comes from giving you the wedding day of your dreams. I provide the options, you make all final decisions.

What if I have more questions before I want to commit?

HAYLO: I offer complimentary consulting sessions before booking my services so that we both can ask questions and discuss how to get started planning (or help you out of a tough spot). I also have a detailed questionnaire that I give to all my clients to help clarify what you need and how I can specifically help you.

How much do you cost?

HAYLO: I use the information gathered from the questionnaire and our consultation to develop an individualized quote for each couple. A day-of / 24-hour package starts at $1,200.00.